School Wide Behavior Expectations 2020-21

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Behavior Expectations

We are LP Brown Eagles! We show our scholarship and eagle pride in everything we do and everywhere we go by being safe, kind, and responsible.

Below are the behavior expectations for remote learning in the 2020-21 school year.   You can also fill in the blanks for your own family.  Some examples are in italics.




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Morning Routine

Schoology &

School Work

Zoom Meetings

Bedtime Routine

Be Safe

Ask for help when you need it 

Keep food and drinks away from your computer


When using the internet: Ask an adult first, only talk to people you know, stick to places that are just right for you

Let others in the area know when your camera is on


Stay in one place


Check what is inside your camera's view

Clean up your room

Be Kind

Start the day with a positive attitude toward others 

THINK before you type-

Is it True,






Be respectful with your words, actions, and content (work you share with the class)


Stay on mute unless it is your turn to talk


Listen to others-

eyes are watching,

ears are listening, 

voices quiet,

bodies still


Treat others how they want to be treated

Be polite when reminded about bedtime 

Be Responsible

Eat a healthy breakfast. Take care of your personal hygiene


Complete the work that teachers have for you


Do your best work


Ask for help when you need it

Find a learning place to limit distractions


Be on time and have your materials ready


Actively participate, keep your mind focused on learning

Put away electronics

Go to bed on time