Comprehensive School Counseling Program

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Schools will be implementing CSCPs within their buildings and are encouraged to gather input from an advisory group. LP Brown's Leadership Team created new PBIS expectations which will be taught in tandem with counseling lessons: RESPECTFUL, ENGAGED, IN CONTROL

Counseling Areas of Focus for the year: Respect, Self-Control, Self-Advocacy

Respect: showing positive regard for one another
I can think about others and demonstrate respect. (M 2, B-SS 2)
Tier 1: Counseling Lessons

Tier 2: Choose Respect Groups
Tier 3: Conflict Plan, Friendship Plan, Anger Management Plan


Self-Control: (In Control) being in control of your feelings and behavior in different situations
I can be in control of my body and words.  (M 3,5; B-SMS 1-5, B-SS 1)
Tier 1: Zones of Regulation and Counseling Lessons
Tier 2: Self-Control Groups using Amazing Remote Control, Zones: Stop/Opt/Go, Social Thinking
Tier 3: ADHD interventions/supports, Accommodations, Student Circle

Advocacy: (Engaged) using appropriate ways to ask for what you need
I can ask for help appropriately when I need it. (M 4; B-SS 3,8)
Tier 1: Counseling Lessons (Wants vs. Needs, Asking for Help)
Classroom Help Boxes grades 3-5
Tier 2: Close-Gap grades 3-5
Tier 3: Regulation Breaks

Additional Counseling Supports:
1:1 Solution-Focused Counseling, 6 sessions
1:1 Lessons on Grief, Family Changes, Anxiety/Depression (2-3 sessions)
Regulation/Wellness space (Room 5): school avoidance, sensory breaks, peace path/conflict resolution
Attendance interventions