Zones of Regulation

The Zones of Regulation is a curriculum for helping children develop self-awareness and self-management of their emotions.  It is used throughout our school building in general and special education classes and in counseling groups.  


What are the "Zones"? 

The Zones are categories of feelings that help children learn about what the physical sensations in their bodies (low/high energy, wiggles, tight fists, jitters, stomachaches) have to do with their emotions.  These categories are:


Blue: (low energy) Sad, Bored, Tired, Exhausted, Shy, Depressed, Sick, Hurt
Green: ("good to go") Content, Proud, Hopeful, Grateful, Okay, Comfortable, Calm, Focused, Relaxed, Happy
Yellow: (building energy) Confused, Embarrassed, Upset, Annoyed, Silly, Nervous, Worried, Anxious, Frustrated, Jealous, Overwhelmed, Scared, Excited
Red: (high intensity) Devastated, Elated, Out of Control, Overjoyed, Mad, 
Panicked, Furious, Terrified, Wild

You can support your student in using the Zones by asking them what Zone they are in.  Make sure to praise them for identifying their Zone (whatever it is).  All Zones are OK! Validate your child's zone and help them find healthy and expected ways to self-regulate (manage their feelings).


Clipart feelings faces with Blue, Green, Yellow and Red blocked background